New England Beauty

Fall in New England! There’s nothing quite like it.

This weekend local artisans opened their studios to the public. What a treat! Studios scattered across the New Englad countryside, men at their craft, women bent over art, barns converted to workshops, garages made galleries, hot apple cider, homemade cookies, shiny spun pewter, patterns in woven wool, peaceful waters on framed canvas, miniatures of baskets, irises appearing in blown glass, old buildings captured in print . . .

Driving from through the country, I soaked in the autumn sun, smiled as the wind played with my hair, delighted in the red highlights of the forest. What a beautiful world my God has made! And what creative people!

Made in the image of God, the image of the Creator God, the creative God. The beauty of man’s creativity melds with and extends the beauty of God’s.