About the writer

My name is Helen. Light.

Once I was handed a lit candle. I was to walk with hundreds of others, each of us holding a candle, a light. Mine went out.
I walked four miles holding a stick of wax.

Each year, the first Young Children & Worship story is the story of the Light. The Christ Candle: Christ the light of the world. The little candles: one for each child, one for each adult.

“Those who love the light can become one with the light,” I say. I pick up each little candle, bow it to the flame of the Christ Candle. “Paul,” I say, “this is your light. Caroline, this is your light.” I light each child’s candle, celebrate each child’s light.

I pick up the last candle. “There was even a day when I became one with the Light,” I say, bowing my candle to receive the Light of Christ. My stick of wax has become a light.


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